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In this page you will find various documents available for download for modules or boards produced or distributed by LJCV Electronics, Engineering Notes and schematics and other documentation for various projects.

LJCV Electronics Products Datasheets & User's Guides

eIP-10 Datasheet (Updated !!)  
eIP-24 Datasheet (New)  
eIP-24/100 Datasheet (New)  
nic28 Datasheet  
nic424 Datasheet  
PICNet 1 Datasheet  
nic28 PCB Datasheet (Includes board layout and BOM)  

Schematics Library

eIP-10 Board Schematics  
eIP-10 Board Recommended minimal connections (Updated !!)  
eIP-10 Board with parallel LCD  
eIP-10 Board with parallel LCD using SPI Interface  
eIP-24 Board Schematics (New)  
eIP-24/100 Board Schematics (New)  
nic28 Board Schematics  
Interconnecting a PIC18F with the nic28 Board  
Adding Ethernet to the PICDEM 2 Plus board with the nic28  
miniPIC10T Project Schematics  
PIC10T Project Schematics  
PICNet 1 Board Schematics  
Adding a parallel LCD to the PICNet 1 Board using the SPI Interface  
PICtail - nic28 Adapter Board  
PIC24FJ64GA002 & ENC28J60 Reference Design  
PIC24FJ64GA002, ENC28J60 & LCD via SPI Reference Design  
PICDev 28/40 PICMicro Prototype Development Board Schematics  

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